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Use this set of cute widgets, featuring Ohiye the Octopus, to beautify you home screen and also at the same time, provide you with convenient functionality! The most fun, trendy and easy to use widgets on Android! Ohiye is so cute and fun. Your home screen will look so good and pretty. Refresh your phone today. If you love cute things, this adorable Ohiye allows you to make you phone different from your friends.

List of Widgets
◆ All widgets are also resizable ◆
All widgets are professionally designed, creative and pretty. This package is only a style pack for the useful widgets. If you like little mermaid, you will sure to love our beautiful designed - under the sea theme - Widgets Pack currently includes:

✔ Clock and Weather Widget, Featuring the cute Ohiye. Multiple location support for both clock and weather. Simple and easy to use world clock application & widget. With this cool Clock Widget you can give your phone a personal and unique look. Fancy cute weather animations which will vary depending on the amount of weather (rain, storm, snow, etc)

✔ Seahorse cute Battery Widget. Displays the cute design, the battery power of smartphones. This battery widget display the remaining battery level and watch the sea horse change with the battery level. This graphical pretty battery widget shows the exact battery level.

✔ Clam cute WIFI Widget. An easy way to manage Wifi connections. This wifi widget allows to quickly enable and disable wifi directly from Home screen.

✔ Conch cute sound Widget. ♪ This cute sound widget allows you on/off your sound / vibrate / silent modes from home screen when you press it.

✔ Jellyfish cute Brightness Widget,. This widget gives control to adjust the screen brightness. This brightness widget allows you to quickly change screen brightness level of your display.

The widget is suitable for all andriod smartphone devices and tablets such as Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung notes, Samsung Tab, HTC etc

◇-◆ FAQs - Go to www.facebook.com/the.ohiye
Give us your "Likes". You can find out how the FAQs of using the widgets. If you're experiencing any issues with Ohiye Cute Widget Pack, send us an email and we'll get back to you. Check out the answer in our facebook pages.

-◇-◆ Note : It will not drain down your battery and just show the functionality with awesome design on your home screen.

Instructions - http://www.facebook.com/the.ohiye

How to add "Ohiye Cute Widgets"?
◆ Method 1: Unlock the phone, in blank screen long press 2-3 seconds, it will pop up a selection window, select the "Widgets", and then choose the widget you want to add.

◆ Method 2: Some devices' widget list is in the main menu under the "Widgets" tab, such as Galaxy S3.
Open up the main menu and choose the "Widgets" tab. Scroll through the list of widgets and select the widget you want to add.

-★-★ Other add-ons
♥ Download the matching "Ohiye Live Wallpaper" for the widgets. You will see live fishes swimming across. It just make your phone so pretty and perfect for the trendy you.

♥ Download the unique "Ohiye Photo Frame Contact Widget". A photo slider cum quick contact to your loved ones. You can have the favourite pictures and make a quick dial.

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