One Piece Clock for Fan-fictio



“I am the man to be the king of the Pirates!”

The big pirate Era has been coming,owning a one piece desktop clock has become the symbol of great pirates, as a fan of One Piece you just can't miss it!!!

1.Beside displaying the basic time and date,One Piece Clock provides you other great services:
Rich skin bank for you,Luffy,Soro,chopper and so on,all in one widget!

★"The world began to welcome the era of great pirates!"- One Piece

★“No matter what I do, all will be forgiven, because I am too beautiful!”- Hancock

★"If hungry,then eat!"- Luffy

★"Scar behind, is the shame for a swordsman!"- Zoro

★"I am not a raccoon, you see, I have horns!" - Chopper

★"There must be some way out!Don't be afraid,I'm here!"- Ace

2.At the same time, one piece widget has also been connected to the most popular and welcomed reminding app - ZD Clock !You can get the next reminding info from the desktop without entering ZDclock,practical and convenient!

3.One piece widget also supports multi-language version!

Don't hesitate,start your great maritime journey now!

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