This project is an Android client to visualize the Astronomy Picture Of The Day (APOD) published by NASA ( This project is free of charges and have been developed with the objective to learn Android programming. You will find the latest version of this code on github ( You will eventually find additional information on my blog (

- Compatible with all version of Android from 1.5 to 4.1
- Fling gestures to navigate to next and previous APOD
- On screen navigation buttons (next, previous and today)
- Date selector
- Caching of pictures and descriptions for offline reading
- Search the APOD archives
- Detect APOD videos and link to the source of the video
- Open Source ...

APOD is an open source project under the GPL v2.0 licensing. You are welcome to copy, fork and/or contribute to it's development. You can read the LICENSE.txt file to learn more about the GPL V2.0 licensing policies. If you want to join the development team (that's me) write me an email at philippe.chretien at

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