Paint Challenge



Paint Challenge is a Paint Game, which lets you draw and color on existing images, photos and on canvas. You can click photos from your camera and edit them and color them. You can select your paint time and after that time, Paint Challenge will give you score of your painting based on how beautiful painting you have painted in that time. It has the following features.

1. Effects (X-Ray,Crytal, Glow, Spray, Emboss, Whitish, Brunt)
2. Save (SDCard, Set As Wallpaper, Upload Image)
3. Frames (You can add frames to your painting)
4. Clear (Eraser, Undo, Clear All)
5. Background Image (Open Camera, Open Gallery, Background Color)
6. Kids (Select Image to Color)
7. Brush Color (Select the color of brush)
8. Brush Size (Select the size of brush)
9. Smiley (You can select multiple smiley)
10. Sticker (You can select multiple stickers)
11. Text (You can add text to your paintings)
12. Share (You can share your paintings)

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