Paw Pad




    Mind-soothing app "Paw Pad"

    Press the paw pad and listen: "meeoooww"
    Set it up as your wallpaper and hear the cat meowing every time you have a feel!

    You love cats but you can't bring them along to your workplace or school?!
    How about changing that feeling of solitude into a relaxing one?

    This is a must-download app for all cat-lovers out there!

    【Customize your ideal paw pad!】
    Your can combine various parameters to find a paw pad that suits you the best!

    Below are the main features you can freely customize:

    ・Background color
    ・Hair color (white/black/brown/gray)
    ・Meowing sound ON/OFF
    ・Sound volume

    【How to install】
    1) First, download "Paw Pad" on your mobile
    2) When done, press your screen for a few seconds OR access the menu
    with the assigned button
    3) In the menu, press [Wallpapers] and then [Live Wallpapers]
    4) From the list of available wallpapers, select "Paw Pad"
    5-1) Confirm your choice with [Set wallpaper]
    5-2) In the settings menu, you can customize the paw pad to your taste

    Very convenient! And cute! It heals your mind!
    Let's punipuni* with the "Paw Pad" live wallpaper!

    *Japanese onomatopoeia for something soft and squishy

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