Personal LWP Gallery



Live wallpaper is really best choice for decrate desktop. It will change everyseconds and make your desk more vivid and beautiful just like a 3D movie part. You must have even download live wallpaper from internet but have you make a gallery live wallpaer about your life? The live wallpaper download are the life of others but not related to your own life. In fact, you can make a personal live wallpaper about your own picture!
Personal LWP Gallery is a free app used on mobile phone to make yourself live wallpaper! It is used to make a gallery live wallpaper which can change photos in fixed folder! Image the photos exchange on desktop is really an wonderful thing!
To make the live wallpaper, you should add live wallpaper first! Find the app name in live wallpaper widget, you can set personal live wallpaper!
1.Totally free for all android users.
2.Set which folder in Sd card (with personal photos in it) to switchers.
3.Set the time between pictures (the time pause between the changing of photos)
4.If the picture size is not suit the size of screen, you can choose have a rotation or scaling!
5.Choose a transition between pictures: fad transition or none.
6.Choose if the image is trimmed to fit the screen or not.
7.Enable double-tap. When you double tap the pictures it will change to another picture.
8.There are many pictures folders in your SD card. You can choose which folder to make a live wallpaper.

With this app, you can make your personal live wallpaper. You can download stars pictures or scene pictures from internet to your SD card with computer or browser on mobile and then set them as gallery live wallpaper! Of course, you can make your own photos or family member photos in a folder and set it on desktop. You can see the love pictures changing on your desk is really a great thing! Now have a try?

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