Phasers is a ultimate phaser application :).
It offers 3 different phasers with different sounds and beam colours.
To shot a phaser simply touch it and hold. You can switch them by choosing one from gallery on bottom of screen.

This app use AirPush ads. If you don't like them , you may opt-out at any time by visiting or using Airpush opt-out application.

Version 1.2
-new phaser
-overheating of phasers (when you use your phaser for long time it become to hot to operate - to cool it down shake your phone or switch phaser
-sound volume control
-bug fixes

Version 1.3
-minor bug fixes
-added new menu options : more apps and rate (don't be shy and rate my app ;) )

Version 1.4
-force close bug fixed
-stun and kill settings with sounds added (thanks for idea Tom :) )
-new wallpaper added (one for stun mode and one for kill mode)
-new beams for kill mode

Version 1.5
-IllegalStateException bug fixed

Version 1.6
-Minor bug fixes

Version 1.8
-Fixed force close bug when phaser is overheated

Version 1.9
-Fixed performance issue

Version 1.9.5
-bug fixes
-new ads (AirPush)
-new phasers soon
New functions soon!

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Tags: fan built phasers , phaser audio , phasers

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