Phone Lock By SMS /Remote Lock



Phone Lock By SMS /Remote Lock app help to lock Phone Remotely by Sending SMS.

' Phone Lock by SMS ' , Lock Phone just by sending one SMS so it is also like Remote Lock

Say you forgot your phone at home or office and you are worried that
anyone will access it BBM Messenger or Whatsapp, By this 'Phone Lock By SMS' you can send SMS to that phone number and Lock Phone.

So no need of Whatsapp Lock or BBM Lock All purpose solved by Phone Lock By SMS .

These days we have personal messages in whatsapp and BBM so very necessary if we have some remote lock

Very useful Phone Locker for securing Phone information as it is Remote
Lock Phone by Sending SMS.

Send SMS to your Smartphone as mentioned in the 'your SMS Lock Phrase'
in this application page, Example say it is mentioned
'LOCKMYPHONE04:Enter your password'

Now SMS 'LOCKMYPHONE04:37273' to your Phone Number from any other Phone
to LOCK Phone.

Here 'LOCKMYPHONE04' is code mentioned on your app page and '37273' is
password which you can change to any numeric/alphanumeic value but it
should be atleast 5 characters.

Example :LOCKMYPHONE04:12345 - CORRECT
Example :LOCKMYPHONE12:123453383 - CORRECT (LOCKMYPHONE12 Phrase is
as per your phone)
Example :LOCKMYPHONE04:1234 - WRONG (Password must at
least 5 characters)

Feature 2 : (In case you forget - Recover your password through an SMS
from any other phone)

SMS 'RECOVERMY***' to your Phone Number and you will receive password
in your Message Box.

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