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    Are you in a situation where you feel boring or wish to leave but need a polite excuse? Or may be you are with friends and want to show them some VIP (or your BOSS) is calling you? This app will be your great exit from any critical situation or make you look VIP person! Phoney Phoney Phone can make fake calls as if someone is calling you and so you can have your excuse to leave the place you are in! Moreover, Phoney Phone has lot of valuable features; it will give you the ability to write the name of person who “will” call you or choose a fake caller from your contacts . its will take the photo of the contact if it has one , then you can set the time interval to start the call, and the ringtone you want to fire when the fake call is fired . Additionally, Phoney Phone will give you the ability to “Answer” or “Decline” the call. More features will be available in the next version soon, so stay tuned and enjoy this valuable app!

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