PicSay Pro Font Pack - A


PicSay Pro Font Pack - A's review


PicSay Pro Font Pack add new fonts to PicSay Pro so you can add that finishing touch

  • New fonts look well
  • Very lightweight
  • Fonts work in some custom launchers
  • Too few new fonts
  • Only for PicSay Pro

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"Stylish and free fonts for PicSay Pro"


Adding custom or stylish text to photos as your finishing touch usually blend in rather well. That´s the idea behind PicSay Pro Font Pack – A, that lets you add stylish text to your PicSay photos. Getting this font pack up and running in PicSay Pro is rather easy. Just install the font pack and in PicSay Pro, you go to the Title Editor and select preview, and voila, your new fonts should appear right away.


Several new fonts actually look quite well with bold, and installation and usage is a breeze, plus it´s absolutely free to check out. It also weighs in at only 2.9MB. These fonts also work in some custom launcher like GO Launcher.


There are too few new fonts included in this font pack. Make sure you read the fine print: this isn´t an app, but a font pack, making it nearly useless unless you have PicSay Pro or a custom launcher.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 29, 2015

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