Pictures Showing




    Pictures Showing has many great functions:
    Get all pictures on your mobile phone now!
    Search the videos and play them directly!
    Manage the photos and pictures as you like: rotate, crop, delete or slide show...
    You can choose the best one and set it as your wallpaper!
    Setting the size/sort of photos.
    If you what to have a slideshow, you can set the show intervals, transitions. And you can also make a repeat show or random slideshow!
    The free app is a photos gallery that can help you manage all pictures. It even can show you a preview picture of videos you take! The most great thing is it can play the function of video player! It can play most videos on your mobile phone, especially the video record by yourself! In addition to the functions we mentioned above, it also can capture videos and pictures directly!
    Don't you think it is a powerful app? Let's watch its functions with following words:

    Photo FEATURES:
    1.When you open the app, it will show you all folders with pictures in it. You can see what pictures in the folder. In other words, it has a thumbnail looking!
    2.Press the folder, you can see all pictures clearly!
    3.Press the meu button of your mobile phone, you can capture pictures and videos with the devices on your mobile phone!
    4.You can make a slide show of the photo folder. You can set the slideshow intervals time, repeat or random show as you like.
    5.With setting button, you can also set the size of pictures and make confirm delete or not.
    6.In you press the picture, you can enlarge or narrow the picture!
    7.If you love the photo very much, you can set as wallpaper.
    8.If you what to cut one part from a picture, you can press menu button and then make crops!
    9.Do not like the photo? Delete function are also supported.

    Video FEATURES:
    1.Press the folder contains videos.
    2.Press the menu button of phone, you can capture videos directly!
    3.In menu button choose multiple select and then click the video. At last press menu button again, you can delete or share the video!
    4.Press to play the video directly! No matter if you have a video player on your phone, you can open the video with this app.

    In addition to the functions above, you can also unlock the screen or install other apps with ABOUT button!
    This is one of the best photo show app on android market. You can not miss it! There is no apps as powerful as this one! Install and have a try! I bet, it will never let you down!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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