Pink Fairy Live Wallpaper



Pink Fairy Live Wallpaper

Pink Fairy Live Wallpaper is a cool touch interactive live wallpaper. Watch the random  glitter sparkles come up on your screen. Slide your finger across the screen to create mesmerizing trails of glitter particles that follow your finger movement. This Live wallpaper uses OpenGL technology to harness the true power of the android device without draining your battery.

Features a nice pretty Pink background theme with a beautiful butterfly fairy.

This cool live wallpaper is loaded with features:

Features Include:

Glitter Color - This settings lets you change the color of the glitter to any color you want by using a slider to fine tune the color of the glitter.

Glitter Size - This settings lets you change the size of glitter that comes from the glitter trails you create by using your finger.

Frequency of Glitter - This settings changes how frequent the random glitter will come up on the screen.

Enable Touch - This setting enables/disables the touch feature to create glitter trails with your finger.

Enable Random Glitter - This setting enables or disables the random glitter that comes up on your screen.

Battery Performance - This settings lets you choose settings for diference power saving modes. For faster phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III I would reccomend the battery saver mode or it will go way too fast.

Although this is a full featured app, in order to keep it free it will contain notifications from senddroid, the ads will contain opt-out instructions if needed to do so. There is no Icon Ads

This live wallpaper uses very little memory maybe 10-12 MB at most, and does not drain the battery at all. My phone lasts 2-3 days before I have to recharge my phone, but I don't really talk that much either.

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