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Pink hearts, pink love pink romantic, on behalf of you and me love, give it a try!

sky fly studio carefully to create live wallpaper,Love clock to remind you always concerned about her, click on-screen love balloon slowly rises everywhere warm and romantic, Come with。
★The heart and the star additionally shake to touch, the slide, and the inclination.
(*It is also possible to do the setting that doesn't synchronize with the inclination.)
★The pattern of the heart can be chosen from the solid color, border, the dot, the race(*), the leopard(*), and zebra(*). (*PaidVersion only)
★The color of the heart can be chosen from rose, carnation pink, pink, baby pink (*), purple (*), and yellow (*PaidVersion only).
★Moreover, a small heart reacts to touch, too. Please decorate wherever you like♪
★The size of the heart synchronizes with the battery power. When the battery decreases, it becomes small♪(The setting that doesn't synchronize either is possible.)

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