Pixel Effect



Pixel Effect application can give your images special effects in just few seconds some effects are similar to PhotoShop Effects.
Some Of these effects are:
Outline effect
Dull effect
Engrave Effect
Sharp Effect
Color Effect
Emboss Effect
Charcoal Effect
Tunish Effect...etc
Just select image and apply effect, after pressing the List button for applying effect wait for 3-5 second and there we go the image is converted.The effected image can be saved and use for different purposes as a wallpaper.As it is the first release of the app there are only few effects.Pixel Effect is the fastest image converter application in comparison to other.Pixel Effect can give your image good photoshop effects like pencil emboss engrave effect.Having this application install in your android phone you can play with your images.Many developer around the world are using Pixel Effect for creating different effect on there images or icons button images etc... which they use in there applications or for different entertainment purposes.

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