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:: if you have problems with Go Launcher and are running jellybean email me for a workaround. Go Dev Team has yet to provide a fix for paid themes with phones running jellybean! D:

::> this theme features <::
:: includes 840+ beautiful icons to pick and choose from
:: over 2500+ icons themed
:: supports go launcher : apex launcher : nova launcher
:: include beautiful full go theme.
:: long time support, responsive themer
:: will add more features as I learn :D
:: download clock by fashionon ::

:: this is my first theme of my beloved placid line, my goal was to create a theme that was simple and cute. I aimed for a mnml design that was also colorful. It include many favorite colors like purple : green : neon green : peach : and red.

:: install go launcher
:: go to home screen :: press menu button :: click on themes :: choose Placid HD :: apply

:: install on nova launcher
:: go to nova settings :: click on "look and feel" :: click on "icon theme" :: choose "Placid HD".

:: install on apex launcher
:: go to apex settings :: click on "theme settings" :: click on "Placid HD" :: make sure "icon pack" "skin" and "Wallpaper" ared checked :: apply

:: install on atom launcher
:: go to home screen :: touch and hold a clear spot on the launcher :: wait till a blue box pops up :: press theme settings :: scroll to "Placid HD" :: apply

Several icons provided by:
Lorc. from

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