Polyphonic Ringtones



There are several people who like to have polyphonic ringtones in their mobiles. This application helps them to get these ringtones as per their choice. To run this application
• First you have to click the start button.
• Immediately after starting you can get twelve to fifteen polyphonic ringtones in it.
• Beside every ringtone you can see two icons side by side.
• One of these icons is called favourite icon and another one is called play icon.
• If you want to get any polyphonic ringtone as your favourite one, you have to click on the favourite icon.
• Otherwise only to hear these polyphonic ringtones, just click play icon.
To access this facility
• you have to download and install this application in your android mobile.
• It is totally free of cost.
• After installing this application, you can get these ringtones at anytime and anywhere.