Pretty characters



I've started to act as an artist when I resigned from my company in August 05'
All my business experience in the corporate world was in the sales division.
But suddenly I started this activity without any foundation with just the power of "Hawaii Freak".
I'm always thinking about how I can express the mossed concrete ground,wall and other things. For example how to express rusty irons decayed wood, and so on.
Every theme I wanna deal with is not a high class resort life, but local and island style ordinary days.
I'm always thinking about making jokes and how I can spend the day with a laugh!!
My motto is "Nahe nahe"(it means sit back & relax).

We contribute profit of this wall paper application to the Japanese Red Cross Society for support to people encountered the damage by the East Japan great earthquake disaster that occurred on March 11, 2011.

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