Pro Ringtone Making




    Do you have the experience that when you in a public place, you hear a ringtone and what to answer the call. But when you take your phone, you find it is others' phone making the ring instead of yours. Because you have the same ringtone, it is easy to make a misunderstanding. We can see have a common ringtone is really a trouble thing. Why don't you create a ringtone that only belongs to yourself?
    Pro Ringtone Making is this kind of app that can create ringtone by yourself! There is an editor and recorder in this free app. When you hear some beautiful or special sound in daily life, you can record it down to SD card. Or you may would like to record a song sing by yourself and even the voice of your lover and then set them as your unparalleled tone. For the editor, you can cut part from a whole song and set as ringtone.

    How to edit song?
    Choose on mp3, wma, or other music file scanned in your mobile phone, press it to enter edit page. You can press button to play or change to next/previous song, enlarge or narrow the edit picture is also allowed! You can set the start time and end time in the whole song and save it by giving a name in your SD card. You can choose the type of your edit song in four choices.

    1.Offer you more than 50 system ringtones.
    2.Edit part of the song from your SD card.IT will scan all music file in your mobile!
    3.Record voices as you like.
    4.Have an audition before setting.
    5.Set the alarm, notification and call ring at one time.
    6.Assign contact to special song or ringtones. When the contact phone you, you can hear the song connected to him/her!
    7.Choose file from SD card and set them as ring!
    8.Set the volume of alarm, multimedia, call and notification in this app. You can also see the accurate size of volume of them!
    9.Set mode/profile of your mobile in four choices!
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    11.Support us with 5 stars or introduce the free ring app to your friends or family members! If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send words to us with "about" button!

    Get rid of stereotyped ringtone now! No matter where you are and who you stay with, when someone call you or your phone alarm make a ring, you can know it is your phone instead of others! Hear the music made by yourself, you can have a better mood of a day!
    Download this app, you can have the best ring in phone! All android users can download it free! Go now! It will never let you down!