(rabbit)Gauss Electric webtoon



Great live wallpaper by webtoon illustrators!

This theme is brought to you by Baek-Su Kwak's "Gauss Electric" webtoon.

"Gauss Electric" is a popular webtoon in Korea that depicts everyday work life.

You may find that some of your own co-workers are quite similar to these webtoon characters!
Download these characters to your phone and start your work day together.

Rabbit Launcher - 3D Home Application, Live Wallpaper
3D Home Application Rabbit Launcher!
Enjoy Interactive 3D Themes and 3D Widgets!
Rabbit Launcher (a light-weight, quick, high-performance Android 3D home launcher) provides for a vivid 3D user experience along with available Rabbit Launcher themes found at Google Play. You'll find a whole new world that surpasses the 2D Go Launcher or any other 3D android launcher out there!

● Extremely smooth 3D transition effects and Adobe Flash-like animation
● A variety of aesthetically superior 3D home themes / live wallpaper
● Can sort your app list by name, installation date, frequency of use
● Find your favorite apps and games like Skype, Pandora and Angry Birds in a snap
● Easily edit or remove apps by pressing the icon for a few seconds

● Need more space? Go to preferences and add the number of desk screens (3-9 pages)
● Want more or less icons listed in rows? Go to preferences and modify the icon grid (4x4, 4x5, 5x5)
● Want to clear the screen to get a better view of your live wallpaper? Click the "Hide Desk" button on the top left hand corner of the screen
● No need to reorganize your home screen after installing Rabbit launcher, it will keep all your settings such as your folders and short-cuts.
(Those who use the Samsung pre-installed launcher as well as SS skin and ADW will have their settings automatically applied.)

[How to Apply and Get New 3D Themes/Live Wallpaper]
● Press the button on the upper-left hand side of the screen when the Rabbit Launcher is running and a list of downloaded themes should appear
● Select the theme you want applied to your phone
● Click "Store" to download more themes

===== Launcher series of webtoons Code M. =====

★★ YouTube : http://j.mp/launcher_vitamin

Live Wallpaper : http://j.mp/vitamin_santa

★★ YouTube : http://j.mp/launcher_gamja

Live Wallpaper : http://j.mp/gamja_live
GO Launcher : http://j.mp/gamja_go
Rabbit Launcher : http://j.mp/gamja_rabbit

Baek-Su Kwak's "Gauss Electric"
★★ YouTube : http://j.mp/launcher_gaus

Live Wallpaper : http://j.mp/gaus_live
GO Launcher : http://j.mp/gaus_go
Rabbit Launcher : http://j.mp/gaus_rabbit

===== Launcher series of Art Code M. =====

Jamsan- Hansel and Gretel
★★ YouTube : http://j.mp/jamsan_hanselandgretel
Live Wallpaper : http://j.mp/jamsan_hansel

Jamsan - Christmas Snow Globe
★★ YouTube : http://j.mp/jamsan_snowglobe

Live Wallpaper : http://j.mp/snowglobe_live
GO Launcher : http://j.mp/snowglobe_go

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