Radio Station Locker




    This app is used to lock/unlock Android cell phones. Some app shortcuts are supported here, like camera.

    Functions Introduction
    1. App shortcuts. You can use this app to unlock screen and open some certain programs, including Contacts, Message Box and Camera. Or you can just move the button to the lock button to unlock screen only.
    2. Quick functions. This app allows you to open/close wifi, flashlight and airplane mode when the screen is locked. You also can adjust the status of audio mode.
    3. Date and time display. It displays in the top of the locked screen, and the day of a week, cell phone battery is under it.

    Open this app in the main interface before using.
    Sound and vibration effects will make this app have a better using experience.
    Status Bar Expand lets you pull down the notification bar and open the notification while full screen does not support this function.

    The way to unlock screen though this app
    There are five buttons in the locked screen, move the one in the very bottom to the others to unlock screen or unlock to some certain programs.