For Rage Faces fans!

3D live wallpaper background of some well known rage faces.

This is not an application.

How to use it?
Select this live wallpaper by long pressing the home -> Wallpapers -> Live wallpapers -> RageFaces3DLiveWallpaper

22 rage faces are available :
> B**ch please
> Challenge accepted
> Cuteness overload
> Derpina
> Desk flip
> Fap Fap
> Forever alone
> F**k yeah
> If you know what i mean
> Like a sir
> Mega rage
> Me gusta
> Not Bad
> Oh God
> Rage classic
> Stop it, you
> Troll dad
> True story
> You don't say
> y u no (why you no)

Keywords: 3D, live wallpaper, wallpaper, rage faces, memes, meme, troll faces, derp, le me

Note : Please be aware that there are some offensive contents

Tags: meme wallpaper 3d , fondo de pantallas caras de rabias , papel de parede dos memes , papel de parede dos memes 3d

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