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This new type of live wallpaper features Naruto in Sage Mode throwing his Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken jutsu right at you! You activate it by tapping the Rasen Shuriken. After the animation is complete, it will return to a still image of Naruto until you launch it again! This is an awesome wallpaper for any Naruto fan to have! Check out the screenshots and video to see how it works.


Steps to install on Samsung Galaxy S3:

1. Download the application
2. Press HOME button to return to your desktop screen.
3. Touch screen and hold until menu appears.
4. Go to Home Screen -> Live Wallpapers -> Rasen Shuriken Live Wallpaper -> Set Wallpaper.
5. Wait for the wallpaper to install.

(Step 4 may vary on other devices)

------How to Use------

Tap on the Rasen Shuriken to activate!

-Device Requirements--

This wallpaper takes about 30 megabytes of memory to run and is best viewed on higher end Android devices.


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--Terms of Agreement--

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2. This live wallpaper contains push notification ads that will appear in your notification tray.

By downloading this live wallpaper, you are agreeing to receive /install the aforementioned advertising. If for some reason, the advertising delivery does not behave as described above, or you receive ads that you believe are not suitable for the users of this live wallpaper, please contact us immediately.

Thank you!

BB :)

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