Real LWP Snow & Snowman Ver2



★ ★ ★ Real LWP Snow & Snowman Ver2 ★ ★ ★

Draw pretty snowman in the background as a real eye peongpeong.
Saw the shape of the eye differs from the effect of the non-
Really realistic snow falling effect with more
Realistic Meet Winter and Christmas!
Beads inside Christmas music boxes below
Another snowy effect, directing and
Makes the atmosphere more beautiful realistic candle.

Press the Settings icon after installing apps
Live in the background, you have to do is choose.
Thank you.

Live Wallpaper, Christmas, Santa, Santa Claus, a snowman,
Candles, music boxes, peonkeom
live wallpaper, lwp, christmas, xmas, santa,
Santa Claus, snowman, snow, candle, funcom

Tags: javascript realistischer schnee , realistic snowman