Reason 2 Believe Him




    Where Faith Meets Reason! Videos, Poetry, Spiritual Fiction, and Creation Essays to build faith in God. Faith-based Devotional content created to meet the Spiritual needs of Christians.
    I am a Christian blogger, podcaster, & writer overcoming a physical disability. I have a concrete faith in God & His Word. I share my faith through my experiences as a teacher, wife, mother, & child of God, as well as my experience of over 30 years in various ministries.
    Contains immediate access to the Reason2BelieveHim blog and the podcast, as well as my Scripture Tweets, Animated & Feature YouTube videos, Cross Walker content, my SoundCloud Greek/English Bible readings, and all my content on the web. Includes hotlinks to all five websites and contact information, as well as personalized extras as available for app owners.
    Mobile access to content on my websites, including Reason2BelieveHim, Sunrise Scriptures, Animated Faith Zone for Kids, ¿dónde está Dios?, and my newest site still under construction, Go-Minister, which includes free wallpaper and ministry resources.