Red Blast 4.X Beta




Free Version(Does not receive updates as fast):

Hello this theme is my take on a Red Theme it may not be right for everyone but I hope you enjoy it!
This theme is currently in BETA there are things that are not themed yet however, I will be working on them and should be releasing updates often. If you have questions, suggestions, or problems please email me. If you do not like the theme please do not leave a bad rating I have put a lot of time and effort into this. Thank you!

-Xhdpi and Hdpi
-Rom with theme chooser (Carbon, CM, ParanoidAndroid, Aokp, ect)

-Go to setting
-Themes (AKA Theme chooser)

Trouble shooting:
Problem: Things aren't showing up themed.
Solution: Apply again and reboot

Problem: Theme error (Sorry this theme is missing assets for your device's screen size.)
Solution: Apply Anyways

All other problems check my Website or email me I'm always happy to help.

Key words:
Cm10 Cm10.1 Cm10.2 CyanogenMod T-Mobile Themechooser

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