Reflection Full Go Launcher Ex



Created using the Go Launcher ThemesFactory.

This is a simple shelf theme with reflections of the icon.
Includes 75 commonly used default launcher icons customised with reflections and 3 wallpapers (ICS default/JB default/Retro Stripes)
Details of icons are at the following link:

Known supported screen sizes:
* XHDPI - Mainly limited to icons
Icons for future updates can be requested via the link ABOVE

How to apply the theme:
1. Make sure you have the latest version of GO Launcher EX installed.
2. To apply the Theme: Menu> Themes> Installed> "Reflections Full"> Apply.

Icons should automatically change upon applying the theme.
Any icons not currently supported by the theme will still have the "shelf" base but without any reflection.

*Go Dev team for various images used.
*Webdesigner Depot for "add", "home" and "recycle" icons used-
*Creator of "Retro stripes" wallpaper found on Zedge.

Please visit for support, to report any bugs, or suggestions with the title "Refull", Thank you.

Tags: icon reflections , go launcher themesfactory