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Tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 2


1. Install ssLauncher Original :

The Retro Circle Theme is a theme for ssLauncher Original. The ssLauncher Original is a paid app by other developer (CHYK), not me. So before everything,  you must have the ssLauncher Original installed first on your device. If you have not,  go to and install it.

2.  Install The Retro Circle Theme

Only after ssLauncher Original installed, you can install The Retro Circle Theme. (Download from Google Play Store).

3. Launch ssLauncher Original :

Launch ssLauncher Original on your device and go to Menu by pressing your device menu button, choose "Theme", then "Apply Theme Package". Then choose the Retro Circle Theme. You will be prompted to clear Fonts & Images,  choose"Yes".

4. Make new pages :

After applying the theme, please provide 6 new pages first.

To make new pages, go to Menu by pressing your device menu button and scroll down and tap + button

Choose Cover Page and make 5 new pages : Home, Productivity, Social, Fun, Photography.

Repeat the process to make 1 new page, but this time are Application Drawer page : Applications.

After all pages are made, change their wallpapers as you like, there are 4 different retro colors (Portrait and Landscape) you can have fun with them :). - go to Menu by pressing your device menu button - scroll down - tap the icon above the pencil icon - select the desired wallpapers as per their orientation. Also Check the Additional Styles for preset icons and images. - Press and Hold the shortcut and tap Edit - Styles - Additional.

You have total 8 pages now.

5. Apply a layout in a page :

– Long press the free area of the page.
– Select Load Template
– Select Cover Page
– Set layouts to match the pages :

Template 1 ----to---- Home
Template 2 ----to---- Productivity
Template 3 ----to---- Social
Template 4 ----to---- Fun
Template 5 ----to---- Photography

- If you're asked to fit layout to page width, choose "yes". It's because Android devices vary in so many screen sizes.

6. Tap the widgets to load them automatically. If this way does not work, try to install them manually from Google Play Store :

Weather widget : Eye in The Sky Tim Clark
Clock : Jelly Bean Clock Widget by AIM7
Circle Battery Widget : Cedric Depoortere

7. Lock the screen after all to avoid accidental layout setting :

Go to Menu by pressing your device menu button and tap the lock symbol on the left bottom.


If you still find this not clear,   you may want to check the ssLauncher Original official site. They also provide the general tutorial there.


(Please be advised that the widgets on screenshots belong to their respective developers. Not me. You may have to download and install them separately from Google Play Store and refer all widgets settings respectively)

If you have any suggestion and critics, please email me at :

(Thanks to ChYK - ssLauncher Developer)

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