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The Walking Dead

Check out Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead! The Walking Dead is an amazing comic book that has now become a tv show. It is the most popular TV show out right now. The Walking Dead has finished its mid way mark into the 3rd season. Andrew Lincoln is the actor who plays Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes is a sheriff who wakes up in a post apocalyptic world to see and experience hell. There are zombies aka walkers aka geeks aka rollers all over the world trying to kill off humanity. More dangerous than that are the other living humans Rick has to come across and protect his people from.

The Walking Dead

Characters include Glen, Andrea, Maggie, Hershel, Shane, The Governor, Daryl, Murel, and many more. Through this app you can hear Rick leading his people to a better place... if there is one. You can experience Ricks moments and share them with your friends. Download it and be the first one to introduce this app to your friends. The Walking Dead is the best TV show out there. This is not a wallpaper app or live wallpaper app. This is a Soundboard.

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