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    Ring Factory 2 is a new version of ringtone app which I have made some improvement. The user interface is redesigned and adjusted to make it more comfortable when you use it. Second I adjust the subtitle to make the subtitle briefer. This version will serve you better.

    If you have not used the first version, I think you had better know more about the detailed information of this ring app such as its functions and operation.

    1. The function of this app is very powerful. You know that this ringtone app can be called a ringtone maker or ringtone editor because it has these functions. Therefore, you can use it to create your own ringtone with your own hand.

    2. Do you want to know how it makes ringtones? There is a record function in this app so you can record your own voice or your family’s voice to make a ringtone. Let me tell you how to record your voice. You can find the RECORD button in CALL, ALARM and WARNING. Touch the RECORD button and then you will see a recoding page. There are START and STOP as well as BACK button provided for you to use. After you record your voice, don’t forget to save it and make a name of it. You can set it as your ringtone. The path will show you.

    3. Are you interested in the editor function? The editor can edit any sounds in your mobile including songs and other sounds. On the editor page you can cut out the sounds you like and save it then you can set it as you ringtone.

    4. This app not only has these two functions. There are other functions which are convenient foe you to set your ringtones. The Mode provides you four modes to choose when you need different mode. For example, when you are having a meeting, you can choose the Silent mode.

    5. Don’t you feel that it is too waste time when you adjust the volume of different ringtones one by one? This ring app can let you set you different ringtones’ volume just on one page. This will save your valuable time.

    6. There are more functions in this app and you can discover them by yourself. If you have any advice of this app, please let me know. If you feel this ring app is good, please give me five stars.

    Ring Factory 2 is a free and powerful ringtone app for android. You can use it to record your wife or husband or children’s voice to make it as your mobile phone ringtone. This will make your ringtones more personalized.

    With this app you can edit one ringtone in your mobile phone directly, so you need not to connect your mobile phone to a computer. This will save your time and reduce the progress of making a ringtone.

    I hope this ringtone app can be the best ringtone maker or editor for android in the future.

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