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    Ring Offer
    You must tired of the origin ringtone on your mobile phone. Chang another one is a necessary thing. If you what to change a better ring, you have to download from internet. Search the suit music file is a trouble thing if you are too busy with work. Now I will introduce you a ring app which can offer you many ringtones! The ring it offer you is good enough to meet your satisfaction!
    Ring Offer app is a free app used to set ringtones on your mobile phone. You can use it to set alarm ring, notification ring and call ring.
    We prepare you over 70 different rings, you can choose any one of them.If you think it can not satisfy you, you can also choose file from your SD card.
    This app used to set all rings on your mobile phone, you can also assign contact to a special ring. So when the one phone you, the special ring belongs to him/her will ring.
    Other Functions:
    1.Seven recommended ring for you on the opening page.
    2.Press the ring file,
    you can have a audition;
    assign to contact.
    join to list (set it as a ring)
    3.Press call/alarm/notification to set their ring.
    4.You can chose file from system on this app.
    5.Choose from SD card.
    6.The system has six different kinds of rings like terror, lively, heavy music ring and so on. Every type includes about 10 rings for you to choose.

    7.More button.
    -You can back to the previous page with BACK button. \
    -You can set the volume of alarm, notification, call and multimedia by pressing the volume bar.
    -You can see the accurate volume size by pressing "current volume".
    -You can set it to ring&vibrate, ring only, vibrate only, silent as you like.
    -About button can send your suggestions to us or offer us 5 stars.

    Download this free app, you can set all kinds of ring at one time. You can even set the volume size in this app! Set profile is also supported. What are you waiting?