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    Ring Producer is a good producer which can record your voice and use it produce a ringtone. It also can edit any sound as a ringtone. You can use it to create the unique and special ringtone for yourself.

    Ring Producer is a free ringtone maker or ringtone editor because it has these abilities. If you want to make your own voice as your mobile phone ringtone, you need to know more about it.

    1. All the sounds in your mobile phone including songs and ringtones are listed before you. You can click anyone of them and then you can set it as the ringtone of phone, alarm or notification.

    2. You can record your voice in the recording page. The page appears after you touch the record button and the record button is in the call, alarm and notification buttons. In this page, touching the start button will record your voice and touching the stop button will make it record stop. Then you can store your voice and set it as your ringtone.

    3. There is a more button in the bottom. If you click it and you will find more function buttons. The volume button can let you adjust the volume of different kinds of ringtones only on one page. If you touch the volume on this page, you can gain the detailed information of the different kinds of volume.

    4. The edit button can let you edit sounds as your ringtone. If you just want to get one part of one song, you can choose the start time and end time of the song and then you can do other settings. After you have finished editing, you can store it and set it as your ringtone.

    5. You can assign one ringtone to one certain contact so that the different contacts in your mobile phone will have different ringtones. It is a exciting thing.

    6. There are more other functions that are waiting for you to discover such as the mode setting. If you have interest in these functions, you can have a try.

    Ring Producer is a great free ringtone maker for android. Today moat the original ringtones of mobile phones are tasteless and simple. You will feel that it is a bad thing after you have use one simple ringtone for a long time. Therefore, you need to change your mobile phone ringtones.

    There are a lot of free ringtones such as free mp3 ringtones on the internet. However, why don’t you make your own ringtones by yourself? You can make your voice as your ringtones and this will be the unique ringtone on the wourld.

    Ring Producer is such a ringtone maker that can help you make unique ringtones. You have known its powerful functions above. I think you must want to have a try it.

    Ring Producer can be said to be the best free ringtone maker for android in a way. If you have a android mobile phone and you want to get a android ringtone maker, Ring Producer will suit you much.

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