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    Ringjoy is the best and newest ringtone clipper in the market. Ringjoy has the best fine controls and user experience. It's a joy to use. It aims to bring a little bit of happiness and joy to your life by lovely music ringtones. Beautiful user interface, fine tuned buttons and controls and super easy to use.

    You can create a unique ringtones for each of your important contact as well as creating a default ringtone for everybody else. You can tell who is calling or text immediately by listening to the ringtone without looking at your phone.

    Ringjoy is developed by passionate Android experts who deeply care about the product and customers like you.

    It allows you to create a ringtone for your incoming calls, text message notifications. Just select the the contact, select an audio file from your phone, and use the simple clipper to create a seamless looping ringtone!

    - Best music fine-tuning buttons and controls
    - Create a unique ringtone for each of your important contacts as well as creating default ringtone for everybody else
    - Create a unique ringtone for your loved ones. Knows who is calling before pick up the phone.
    - Create ringtones by using the music on your device
    - Create unlimited ringtones, set the lengths you want
    - Super easy to use and best user experience.
    - Supports popular audio-formats (MP3, M4A)ringtones
    - Notify your friend about your new ringtone

    Comparing to Ringdroid, Ringjoy has much better quality and better user experience. For example, in Ringdroid, you have to click on the play button each time you move the end point, making it tedious to use Ringdroid to create the perfect ringtone. Unlike Ringdroid, Ringjoy automatically start playing each time you move the end point, make it super quick and easy to create the perfect ringtone. Another example, Ringdroid is hard to zoom to the start and end point of the music, while in Ringjoy it is much easier.

    Unlike Ringdroid, Ringo Ringtone Pro and MP3 ringtone maker, Ringjoy has much better fine tuned controls and user experience. We tried Ringdroid and we liked it, but we knew it could be much better, that is why we created Ringjoy.

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    Best among Ringdroid and any other ringtone clipper. May Ringjoy bring happiness and joy to your life!

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