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    This is a new version which not only let you record your own voice but also can allow you to edit songs as ringtone.

    Ringtone Editor is free and it is powerful and functional because it has other functions except editing.

    You should know more about its key features to know more about it.

    1. Now let us talk about its editing function. It is in the MORE button. You open the editor and find one song in your own sound files. Then you can start the editing work to create a new ringtone.

    2. You can choose the start time and the end time of the new ringtone and you still can audition the songs you choose. After you have made a good preparation then you should press the save icon. You will be asked to input a name of your new ringtone and save it. A new ringtone which is create by yourself is made and you can set it as your ringtone.

    3. Let us talk about how to set a ringtone by this app. You must have noticed that there are recommended ringtones when you open this app. You can choose one to have a try.

    4. You touch the call, alarm and notification buttons can set the ringtones of different kinds ring. You touch the call button and then you can choose ringtones from the system or SD card. I believe that you notice the recording button. Touch it and you can record your voice and set your own voice as your ringtone.

    5. There are other functions for you to set your ringtone and mobile phone more fitting for you. There are volume setting and mode setting functions in the MORE button. You can adjust the volume of different kinds of ringtones just on one page and you also can set the mode of your ringtone, including ring, ring and vibrate, vibrate and silent.

    There are lots of ringtone maker and ringtone editor apps on the internet. Mp3 ringtone editor only can let you edit mp3 songs and the free ringtone editor sometimes doesn’t satisfy me. Thus I desire to find a good free ringtone maker or free ringtone editor for android. Today I find one and its name is Ringtone Editor.

    You can use it to make free ringtones and share them with your friends. Besides, you can have your favorite music set as your ringtone, have your favorite part of a song wake you up in the morning.

    You should not miss such a powerful and functional ringtone app. I believe that you will love it.

    A phone “rings” when its network indicates an incoming call and the phone thus alarms the user. For landlines telephones, the call signal could be an electric current generated by the switch or exchange to which the telephone is connected. For mobile phones, the network sends the phone a message to indicate an incoming call.

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