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    Ringtone Offer is a free app for android mobile users. It can offer you many popular ringtones on app system. You need not download popular ring from internet with the powerful system! The ringtone sin this system is more than 60. The app also classified them into six types. You can use the free app to set notification ringtone, call ring and the alarm sound at one time! For common mobile, you have to enter different system to set the three ringtone one by one while you can manage them with this app with only one step. You can also set the volume size. apart from the sound size of the three tone we mentioned, you can also set multimedia volume. When you listen music or enjoying movie, you need not set them again if you have set the size in this app!
    Compared with traditional ring offer, this app added other functions! You can choose the file in your SD card as ring! There must be many beautiful music song in your SD card if you often use mobile player to listen music. You can choose any one of them as your ringtone. If you think the song is too long to set a alarm ring. You can edit part of it as ring! Because there is a ring editor on the mobile!!! Choose the Mp3 or other format song in SD card, Set a start time and end time of this song, you can take the part out and save it in your SD card too!
    This app can also used to record voice. In other word it is a recorder too. You can use it to record your own voice or the voice of your friends or children or lover. You can use it as tones if you like! It help you to create your own love ringtone with the recorder!
    1.Free ringtone app for android customers.
    2.Offer you a ringtone list in the opening page. You can press to set as ring directly.
    3.Set alarm ring, call/phone ring and notification ring at one time a you like.
    4.Have a audition first with the music player on your mobile.
    5.Assign a contact from your contact book. When the contact phone you, the special ring will make a sound.
    6.Press the folder button the the lower left corner. You can see seven buttons which all have great functions.
    7.Set call/alarm/notification ringtone with the three button(the buttons have the same name). You can choose from system or from SD card or enter a record page.
    8.In app ringtone system, there are six styles like heavy music ring, fresh music, terror music and so on. You can choose any one in it.
    9.Edit song in your SD card and asve as ring if you like.
    10.Record the voice you love as tones.
    11.Se the volume size of the rings and media sound.
    12. Set mode of mobile. We have four choices like silent, ring only and vibrate and so on.

    It is not only a ring offer but also a ring recorder and ring creator! Because, apart from the ring offer you in system, you can also record voice and edit song as you like. Save the create song file, you can also use them as ring too! You can also use the ring app to set your lover or other important people with a unparalleled ring! Download it now, you can not find this kind of ringtone app in other places!

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