RingTone SoundPack1 (CAR LOCK)



Munjaalrimeum ​​katok + 11 (jadongcharak)
RingTone SoundPack11 (CAR LOCK)

* All letters will provide free updates to ring .*

Own unique set of characters, let's listen Bell.

* Introduction *

When you hear the default setting rigid character silent. It does not bore you?
Please use katokalrimeumeul more beautiful, handsome, distinctive ring by setting

Others' attention can be focused.

* Mirideutgi and settings *

Click the image to preview the sound you can hear.
If you click on the sound, the character is set to incoming sound.

* Note *

Bell received letters from some terminals may not be automatically set.
In this case, the message list, press the Menu button on the screen
Message settings> incoming message settings> Incoming voice messages, select Go to
If that works well is to set the ring tone.

* Set the Tone katok
 To set notification kakaohtok negatively katok apps to run
From the Settings menu, select the ring if the ring tone is appropriate.

RingTone, Bell, Sound

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