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    A Zone available for you to set your own ringtone freely.
    Do you remember how often that you have changed your ringtone? One week, month or year?
    Different people like different styles of ringtones and change them during different periods. Some people like the old ones, which can remind some of their sweet or unforgettable memory. Some are like funny ones, for that can make their feel happy and forget the sorrow and unhappiness happens now and then. And some other just like to own the ringtone for no reason just because they love it. Like other things in life, changing is referred to a change of attitude. To refresh your ringtone can be considered to change one's mood.
    So do you have the feeling of changing your ringtone for the current moment? You may be wondering how it can be changed according to your taste. Do not worry, Darling! The best and Free Ringtone Zone is coming for your Android and help you to set your own and individual ringtone by yourself.

    1.Set all kinds you ringtone here. You can set the ringtone of alarm,call and notification. The only thing for you to do is to switch the button among them.
    2.Easy to set the ringtone. It is easy to set your ringtone. No matter how old you are, you can complete the set by following the steps.
    3.Set your ringtone form either card or Phone system.
    4.Recommend several music for you to use when you feel there is no other choice.
    PS: It is a free app for your Android, and can be touched by all the Android users.

    How can you set a ringtone successfully?
    Take an example for setting a call ringtone.
    * Click "call", select "choose from the system" or "choose from SD card", find the song or ringtone that you like in the appeared folders or files. And then Press "Audition ring" to listen to the selected one and "Join List" to set successfully.
    * The same steps for setting the ringtone for alarm and notification.

    How to support us?
    We need your support if you want to go further. Therefore, it will be glad if you can support us by the following: Share "Ringtone Zone" with your friends, Rate us with Five stars if you like, and send us an email if you have any problem. And you kindly suggestions will be welcomed.
    Download it here now for free! Refresh your, refresh your mood!
    Wish you can enjoy it!

    There are several different types of ringtones in the market. Older phones generally play only monophonic MIDI ringtones, which is made of a very simple set of tones played by the cellphone speaker. Only one musical note could be played at a time. Apparently, this means that the sound quality and complexity of the music is very limited.

    To provide better capabilities, the next generation of cellphones is created with the ability to play polyphonic MIDI ringtones. These still play a series of musical tones, but at least the phone was able to play several such tones simultaneously in multiple musical channels. This allows the ringtones to have much richer and more complex sound quality, where for example you could hear the individual sounds of keyboards, guitar and bass. But the MIDI aspect of the sound was still not that great.

    The most recent generation of phones have gone through this limitation by allowing full MP3 ringtones or real-tones. These ringtones are MP3 files that can play back a snippet of the song in the same high level of detail one would expect from an MP3 music file.
    There were several ways to get ringtones onto your phone. The first step was to discover what sort of ringtones your phone can play. The best way to do this was to read the User Guide that comes with the phone, or contact your cellphone service provider and ask them. Then you could download ringtones individually from a variety of ringtone services, which are easy to find on the web. However, you would have to pay anywhere from 99 cents to $2.99 per ringtone to download ringtones one at a time.

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