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    This is the Donation version of "Rogue Series: Red" for the CM10 / AOKP / CM9 Theme Chooser. The free version can be found here:

    This requires a ROOTED device, which will void your warranty. You release me from any responsibility if this damages your device (it shouldn't, but this is my release of liability).

    * Not compatible with CM7. Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0.x or Jelly Bean 4.1.x and 4.2.x only.

    You may get an error "some assets are missing for your screen size"... just hit "apply anyway," this is only because of the computer I built it on.

    If you get the error "theme incorrectly compiled", install the system theme first, reboot, then install and apply Rogue Series: Red.

    Themed Apps include:
    - Framework-res
    - SystemUI
    - Keyboard (LatinIME)
    - Settings
    - Trebuchet
    - Apollo
    - Browser
    - Phone
    - People (Contacts)
    - MMS (Stock Messaging app)
    - Google Now (partial)

    Themed Icons include:
    - Bluetooth Share button
    - Box
    - Browser
    - CM File Manager
    - CSR Racing
    - Google Music
    - GooManager
    - Play Store (Vending)
    - Twitter
    - WeatherBug
    - more coming soon!...

    Note: After applying the theme, a reboot may be required to make sure all changes go into effect, including the background and status bar (especially if it disappears on you entirely).

    Color hex code (for any custom settings) : #ff0000 (#ffff0000)

    Big thanks to solarus2011 for the permission to use his style icon for my apps!

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