Room Painting Creations & Idea

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    Room painting creations and decorating ideas for yourself. Share and save all room painting creations & ideas photos. This application will show pictures of lovely room painting, creations, decoration ideas, designs, themes, paint types for your apartment, room or home. You can get a 60 HD ideas of room painting creations & ideas, painting, floors, creations and decorations from this application. Most free apps only have 30. This app has 60 images and contains the various types of room design & decorating rooms like : large, small, for apartments, contemporary, modern, luxury, elegant, country, oak, maple, Canadian, USA made, white and more.
    If you have no idea about what to deciding on your rooms, this application can guide you.

    ★★★★★ The free versions only have 30 pictures. This version has 60★★★★★

    Application Features:
    ★60 HD pictures of room painting and decorating ideas. (other free apps only have 30)
    ★You can save all pictures on your sdcard.
    ★You can share these pictures with others.
    ★You can set all pictures as wallpaper easily.
    ★Easy to use: Hold your finger on the menu to save, share, crop, rotate and set as wallpaper.

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