Russian WWII Posters



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List WWII posters in the collection:
1) Kill them all!
2) Glory to the heroes
3) Glory to the liberator
4) Stalin's falcons
5) Last drop of your blood
6) First rule to fight
7) Stronger rear
8) Europe will be free
9) We swear to revenge
10) Let's liberate our towns,
11) Glory to the partisan
12) Let's defend Moscow
13) Forward to victory
14) Let's liberate Europe
15) Help to the front
16) Glory to the Red Army!
17) Enemy will be crushed!
18) Be a hero!
19) Let's defend Leningrad!
20) Death to the German occupiers!
21) My dad is a hero!
22) Cut the bastards!
23) I swear to defeat the enemy!
24) Crush fascist’s bastard!
25) Stalingrad
26) Join people's
27) Glory to women
28) Ruthlessly destroy
29) Set me free!
30) Young people
31) Death to the Viper!
32) Let's defend Moscow!
33) Support of the Red Army
34) Do not surrender to the enemy
35) Let's defend our Mother-Volga
36) Fascist prison
37) In the sky
38) Enemy will not dodge
39) Communists and Comsomol
40) Glory to the defenders

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