Santa New Year Wallpaper

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    Wish you all a happy New Year. As the year 2013 is approaching us with every passing moment, what is better than having a live wallpaper installed on your phone that continuously reminds you of the time left for the New Year.

    For this purpose , we brings a live wallpaper that aims to increase your enthusiasm and exhilaration as one can continuously gaze at the timer and see it decreasing with every passing moment and feel the sensation of 2013 arriving slowly and slowly.

    As Love is in the air and we wish you a Valentine Day full of love.
    To celebrate it , Santa Clause is roaming throughout the city in the snowy winter night telling the crowd that New Year is near and displays the time left for arrival of it.The snow falling in the background make the wallpaper even more beautiful.

    It's fun! as you can see the countdown to New year day in many different units like Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.
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    Also , it will be great if you can share the wallpaper on your facebook wall as it will make your facebook profile page more lively and full of love.

    Features :
    1. Countdown in various formats like number of days, hours , minutes, and seconds as well left for 2013.
    2. Have a joyful Christmas and a happy new year 2013.
    3. User also has the option of choosing the font in which the countdown to new year will be displayed.
    4. Lot of customization options like setting the speed of falling snow, touch action on snow for separation/dispersion and accumulation is there.