Screen Lock release



A power button home button is pushed and slid and it is screen lock release at last.
It is troublesome.
An application apt to you is this screen lock release.
Since the change of Lock on/off can be simply performed from a status bar,
It is screen lock release (Lock off) at the time of work with a smart phone.
It puts into a bag or covers a lock at the time of the prevention from malfunction.
Proper use is possible in various scenes.

1,pushing the button "Lock off" of a screen -- screen Locke release.
2,pushing the button "Lock on" of a screen -- a screen lock.
3,The menu key of a terminal is pressed and a "setting" menu is displayed.
4,On a setting screen, a setup of "a status bar display" and "application reboot time" can be performed.
※initial setting of a setup "status bar display: on","it is application reboot time: 1 hour".
※When you "change application reboot time" during "screen lock release",
after change,please push of the "Lock off" button again.

If there are any problems, please let us know.
Thank you for having you read.

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