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Shake to On-off Torch - Flash:

Welcome to the best, swift and intelligent use of the torch light function using the "Shake to on-off torch" android application. The best torch app in the android markets category . This app is the best widget you can have on your phone. Searching for a torch app during the power cuts is a thing of past. Just shake your phone to on/off the torch. Download the Shake to torch free android application and make life easier in the dark corners!

Working of shake to on off torch app:
• The shake to on torch real works on the shake of your phone
• The torch turns on with the quick shake of the phone, and turns of with the shake.
• The App uses the flash light option of the phone
• The shake should be short and acute.
• Normal movements in the usage of your phone will not activate the torch
• User can be assured of not switching the app untimely
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