Sharingan Live Wallpaper



Added Sasuke's Eternal and Eye of Ten Tailed Beast!

Sharingan(写輪眼) HD Live Wallpaper which shows you rotating sharingan(写輪眼) on your home screen.
If you like sharingan(写輪眼), Uchiha Sasuke(宇智波佐助), Uchiha Itachi(宇智波鼬), Kakashi(卡卡西), this live wallpaper is for you!

- When you scroll the screen, rotation of sharingan(写輪眼) will become faster, then slow down gradually.
- When you tap the screen, rotation of sharingan(写輪眼) will become faster. More frequently you tap the screen, faster the sharingan rotates.
- You can select sharingan(写輪眼) of different members from Uchiha family. We collect almost every sharingan for you, from Uchiha Sasuke(宇智波佐助), Uchiha Itachi(宇智波鼬), Kakashi(卡卡西) and so on.
- You can change the background. We collect many wonderful background for you.
- You can change the size of sharingan.
- You can change the speed of rotation of sharingan.

Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

Wish you like this Sharingan live wallpaper!

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