Shut Them Up



Shut Them Up – joke and prank app with scary and funny sound – say Shut UP out loud

Shut up button will show your emotions concerning someone who annoys you. Shut Them Up – voice app will finally Shut Up the people that bother you the most. Tell them what you REALLY think when you press the Big Red Shut Up button!
Use the sound app to interrupt boring friends who can’t stop talking. Stop those people at the movie theatre who don’t know when to shut up. It's stupid, but fun!

Shut Them Up features:
- High-quality sounding
- User-friendly interface and intuitive control – funny soundboard

Are you tired of actually having to say "Shut Up!"? Shut Them Up - with this amazing app you will be able to silence anyone around. Do you like fart sound music pads? Now funny sounds can be really useful – try noise sound app NOW.