Skulls of Corruption



Get your spliff ready as the skulls of corruption float by with their subtle influences. Tap them to calm the beast!

I'm quite happy with the result thus far but hope to ad a selection of items in the eyes in the future.


ATTN: Not currently compatible with devices that have no support for scrolling backgrounds, such as HTC Desire HD on Android 2.3.5. Always test a free version first.


I'm starting out simple with the "SS LWP's". These are fairly basic LWP's with my art displayed in the background and random images floating in front that can be tapped on, prompting another pic or word(s) to pop up.

You can change the direction of the floating objects up, down, left or right with 3 different speed settings and a basic counter (optional) for keeping track of how many you can touch without missing. Counter resets to 0 when you miss or scroll, and currently no best record keeper.



(Q)why is the LWP chugging/lagging?

(A)*Your Wi-Fi could be updating apps which will take priority over LWP, just wait or turn off Wi-Fi if not needed.

*Your phone may have a lot of apps running simultaneously making it difficult for the CPU to handle all of them correctly (1st few minutes of boot up). If that's the case, try exiting some apps and see if that has any effect.

*Some apps work by throttling down CPU cycles during less demanding periods in order to preserve battery life so some apps, including LWP's, might experience slight lag.

If you have such an app running, try turning off or tweaking its settings.

(Q)I changed the settings and now the moving images are frozen!

(A)Long press on your home screen and then back out of it, that should refresh the LWP.

Best regards and thanks for the visit! ~:-D