Sky Mountain Live Wallpaper



Sky Mountain Live Wallpaper: View a distant planet of floating mountains, steampunk blimps and flying dinosaurs.

Set on a far away planet where mountains hover above the ground in the clouds.
Watch steampunk blimps float by as you see a huge planet through the misty skies.
Scroll the screen side ways and see the floating mountains move also.
I added dinosaur birds that fly and a new feature.
Name Your Phone:
This allows you to add a name to the live wallpaper or anything you want to type.

This is not a movie! You have you choice in the following:

✔ Speed of steampunk blimps
✔ Frequency of steampunk blimps
✔ Show or hide steampunk blimps
✔ Height of steampunk blimps
✔ Speed of birds
✔ Frequency of birds
✔ Show or hide birds
✔ Height of birds

Name Your Phone Settings:

✔ Edit text
✔ Six font choices
✔ Text size
✔ Text height
✔ Text color and alpha
✔ Show or hide text
✔ Stroke text
✔ Stoke thickness
✔ Stroke color and alpha
✔ Show or hide stroke
✔ Drop shadow text
✔ Drop shadow blur
✔ Drop Shadow color and alpha
✔ Show or hide drop shadow
✔ Show or hide all of them at once
✔ Pans whole image not just background now

If you have any issues or support please contact the developers website or email me

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