Slate Green for LauncherPro +



A clean -in my opinion professional looking- theme for Launcher Pro + Widgets. Check out my Honeycomb Theme also.

For some devices applying the theme to one widget at a time is recommended. Sometimes applying to all the widgets and then rebooting causes a force loop which can be stopped by following the instructions below

If stuck in a force close loop, in between pressing force close press the search key and type in either settings or market then launch either one to uninstall LPP or the Skin/Theme which will stop the loop.

Saying Force Close doesn't help; Please state your phone, android version, and rom (if rooted).
Log if you get a force close after installing update v2.2.9 (use aLogCat Free in Market)
If you still have issues please Log it for me. All of the LogCats I have recieved have been great help to me and I would like to thank those that have taken the time to run a Log.

Here's how to do a log:

Download “aLogcat” from the Market (it’s free)
Next time you get a force-close, immediately open aLogCat.
Inside aLogcat, hit Menu > Presferences > Level > Error.
Now choose Menu > Save Log. The log will be saved to your SD card.
Copy the log from your SD card and either report the log or email me the log

-Update or Install Launcher Pro to v0.8.5 in the Android Market
-Make sure you have Launcher Pro Plus w/ Widgets
-Press menu > Preferences > LP Widget Settings > Widget you want to theme > Select Skin > Restart after each Widget (it helped with force close issues)
-If you didn't restart after applying Skin to each widget, restart under preferences menu.

All widgets are Themed

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