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Rootted users fix: (This is what Im told: data/data in System. At bottom theres a folder with the skin name. Move the pkg.apk to sd and install)

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Slideline for uccw!

Yep! - It's here. My underground lookalik of now dead SlideScreen has arrived for you all!

Nice cool black screen setup, with a stunning handmade glass carbon clock, including 14 side-shorcuts to the best apps around!

Yes! 14 !! Choose the ones you need.

No root needed!

This clean setup includes:

Main clock - with date, battery and weather (+shortcut for alarmclock)

Shortcuts to:

Google Maps
Gtasks (by Dato)
Livescore Addicts (soccer)
Podkicker (Podcasts)
Tweetlanes (Twitter)
Feedly (news)
Google Currents (news)
Google Play Music (stock music on 4+)

All 1x1 widgets with different coloured side lines

4z1 blank widget to fill screen
5x1 blank widget for dock

4x1 Widget to show Missed calls
4x1 widget to show incoming unread textmessages


Additional info on graphic above are:

Minimalistic text showing Calendar entries
Minimalistic text showing rssfeed through Tasker
Simple Calendar showing gTasks (it has inbuilt sync from gTasks from Dato)

But you can show many other stuff from within Minimalistic Text or other app - if they have ability to stretch all the way to the screenedges.

UCCW 2.1.2 or higher is required:

Uccw main app settings:
Set hotspots mode to On
For weather to work, set the location to auto (if it's enabled, then disable and re-enable)

Launcher settings:

Custom launcher is required too. I use Apex Launcher 7x5. And you should too.
Set horizontal and vertical margins to 'none'
Set dock 'as overlay'
Status bar most be 'on.

May work on other launchers, like Nova Launcher and Trebuchet or others, too

NOTE: The ICS colours behind the clock is an live wallpaper. You can set any wall you want - static or live and the clock will act as a window! Yeah baby!

Dock icons are called GlowBlue, and can be found for free in my xdathread - or Dropbox (link on blackbearblanc)


After install - Add the widgets you want on screen - and repeat. And set them where you want.

Pimp your phone!....


Uccw skins are automatic setups for widgets made with the app UCCW (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget).

With these skins you don't have to sit and set up widgets by yourself.

Just install the skins and they will appear in the skins list, when applying a new uccw widget.

Skins from gPlay will have a orange square on the right side of the names.

Stretch to fit !


Additional help, icons and guides can be found on my XDA-thread :

Also visit my no-root android blog


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