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If you are sick of changing your phone settings again and again in your home, in office, during drive or during sleep time then forget about all this headache. Its our duty to facilitate you a tension free life.
Smart Profile enables you to set your phone setting immediately with in no time. Pikessoft's Smart Profile is first perfect time based profile, just set a time and day for profile it will be automatically configured at that time. Don't worry if you want to schedule a profile for your office or your home, just set your choice once you will find it perfect.

You can set up various profiles based on your daily/weekly schedule and forget about the hassle of changing your settings all the time. You will only need to name your profile, set a starting time and day and enable it. If for some reason you want to change profile quickly then don't be confused just click on desired profile's active button, it will be configured in a while. This action will not affect your profiles.

You can set for each profile:

- Profile Name
- Profile Icon
- Silent mode
- Airplane mode
- Wi-Fi status
- Blue-tooth
- Tones for: Incoming calls, Sms, Notifications
- Volume for: Ringer, Music, System, Voice, Alarm
- Status (either profile is enable or disable)
- Activation time for profile
- Days for profile activation

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