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    Smile, Smiley (from the English. Smile - smile), as emoticon, emohrama (born emoticon) - schematic representation of the human face, which is used to express a feeling [1]. It may consist of various characters, such as letters of the alphabet, punctuation and various official symbols. Of particular smilies distribution came with the spread of the Internet (chat rooms, forums, ICQ, etc.) and mobile phones (short messages - SMS), which is widely used by users to exchange messages.
    The same emotions are sometimes written in different smileys, smilies some operate only in a narrow circle of people. But there are smilies that are ubiquitous and have an established record. Often they are already built into Internet applications and mobile phones, and when displaying the text smilies automatically replaced by appropriate graphics.
    To simplify the nose dial symbol "-" is often lowered. For example, write a :) or: (. Smilies in chat rooms often reduce to the character, which affects the mouth:), (, D. Often this character is repeated, the number of characters with the corresponding force emotions)))) (((( (, DDDDD. Such repetitions are also using the full version of emoticons, such as ::))) :-))).
    Instead colon sometimes use the equal sign, symbolizing wide eyes (like in cartoons), "nose" while not usually put: =) instead of :). Sometimes smilies record eye in the opposite direction, ie (-: or):. The value of smilies of the same.

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